The Joshua Problem

Andrew Philip Wee

Great Monday to you! To start off and to clarify, I don’t have any problems with any person named Joshua ok? I know a lot of people named Joshua, in fact I’m working with a guy named Joshua but I don’t have any problems with them. :))

To give you context, the title I used for this blog is an image/metaphor that leadership expert Tim Elmore used in one of his books titled: “Habitudes”. “The Joshua Problem” is an image and metaphor, which Tim Elmore uses to describe a perennial leadership problem: Raising the next generation.


Movements, organizations, and churches, ever since the dawn of time, have constantly experienced this problem of raising the next generation. They say that success without a successor is a failure. It’s one thing to lead a successful movement but it’s another to see a successful movement transcend through time and generations. If you look at…

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