All the PAN feels

So you were waiting for this? I am too. Unfortunately, I have to deal with a lot of stress before I come up with this. But here goes nothing (and I’m assuming Justine would get so mad at me for not posting something long for his birthday. but… anyway)

Happy Birthday Jeremiah Pan-feels. You do know how blessed I am to be part of your spiritual journey. But, I guess I learned some remarkable things from you.
1) Be on time. You value time more than me. You value the urgency of something. You value that every second counts. And that is, like, a huge plus plus for you.
2) Appreciate the little things. Like the snap dance (ooh, I forgot the title). Like the Miley Cyrus and Nicki Minaj. Like 9gag (our first ever discovered common ground). Like your jokes.
3) Care. That you don’t have to be so ‘OA’ in showing a person that you care for him/her. That a simple gesture or ‘what’s up?’ would do fine.

And some which just inspires me.
4) Leadership. Truth be told, I see so much potential in you in this area. I see how you handle things. And sure enough, I learned a lot from you in this area. How you handled people. How you laid down commands. How you executed them. How you respected your authorities. And how you were eager to finish everything on time. You are a great leader. And, sure enough, you are a better leader than me. Way better leader than me.
5) Heart. You have a heart for a certain type of people. And you have a heart to share the Gospel to the people around you. That eagerness irks a certain type of excitement in me. And awe. And it amazes me how you are so eager in responding to God’s calling of making disciples. In inviting. And of course, your heart to…you know. You know it bruuh.
6) Hunger for God’s Word. This. I. Kept. Reiterating. You. So. You. Already. Know. This. 🙂
7) Your Potential. They already said this about you. And yes, that’s true. You are already destined to be great, and the coming months would be a bomb-shackling (what’s this?)experience for you. I know God’s going to use you to greater heights, and to things that you won’t even imagine. You are… a great person.

Yeah. Stop with all the mushy stuff. But yeah, if you learned something from me, I have definitely learned MANY THINGS from you that I don’t have to list it down here. You are God’s MIGHTY WARRIOR. Keep preaching the Gospel bro! Keep it intact in your heart and deepen your relationship with him! 🙂

On another note, I didn’t expect that you’re gonna have your One2One with me. Honestly. Because, you were like very suplado when we first met. But, yeah. I’m thankful. For all the jokes. And the business. And all those stuff.

elerbyu bruh. Happy 19th birthday. (ooh, we have now the same age.)


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