CAUTION: This contains a lot of grammar errors. So bear with me. *smirks*

Screw grammar. (Wow, this is the first time I became mad because of grammar…with all those awkward words stitched together and overused words…ugh). Utterance. Light. Heads up. Stars. Skies. Utterance. Stuttering. Shaking. Hearing. Listening. Utterance. Commission. Jesus. Jesus. Jesus. Jesus. Me. 

Utterance. My lips could hardly spell a straight word without realizing the importance of ‘me’ in that. Anyway, this is not about the ‘me’ personality of mine. It was never about me, by the way. But there’s that thing lingering. Haunting. Not the past. Maybe it’s the mod. Or the atmosphere. But it seems that I can’t get back on track. 

It’s like…I needed to pause. Now. *giggles…tears up* Something’s wrong. Something’s definitely wrong. And yes, I was wrong. It’s not about the people surrounding me. It was never about the people, or even the situation. It’s all about the heart. The fragile heart. The same heart that is engulfed in flames. The same heart that breaks. The same heart that pains. Hurts. Smiles. Tears. 

Optional… considering the heart was never optional. You’ll get it by this time. That my thoughts are all messed up right now. I’m all messed up right now (not that I’m actually equating myself with thoughts). 

Lord…soften my heart. 😦 


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