Faith Goal # 45 [I’m guessing here] (check)



(Look at them, gaze at Gray’s awesomeness *laughs*)

I promised myself I would make a blog post about how the camp went. But I’d rather post something about the people I have met. Before that, I would force myself to tell something about the camp.

The camp was beyond awesome and it reminded me of God’s Great Commission but this time, laced with boldness and courage. But what really made me strive to be determined are the people I’ve met along the whole camp journey.

Surprisingly I have met: a few future campus missionaries, a superhero who studies nutrition, two teachers with one flying to Malaysia one day for a mission trip, awesome dudes and gals, and young LEADERS passionate about their calling. while I was hiding beneath…um…no, these aren’t the right words (after I have been told of my character from God Himself, maybe I must reconsider how I view myself now)…here it goes…while I was showing the fun side of me, I am really awe-mi-fied (mummified + awestruck combined together, like I was edified with marvel) by how Christ is using these people to just spread the Gospel, and yes, it lit the fire inside me.

The leaders…they’re different….each with a different story but of the same commission only with different forms. And the fact that we were seated around a four-cornered table (modern art demands a three-cornered table for style so I have now the full rights to put the ‘four-cornered’ adjective beside ‘table’ *chuckles*) and just sharing thoughts about something was really…life-turning.

But something really caught me. Before we left, our leader prayed for me. He prayed for direction. He prayed for clarity. And God was so fast in responding. *nods* Thanks bro, (if you’ll have the chance to read this, thank you). One thing more, I found hope that, wherever you go, there’s that speck of light for unity.

God was right that He would reveal to me His marvels. And this was one marvel I was ‘unrightfully’ asking from Him–that single hope that unity is possible. And it is indeed possible, with Christ as the center of our lives nothing can be so unsure.

One last thing, I prayed that God would make me meet leaders from other Victory Churches (Victory, btw, is the name of our local church). Honestly, I was expecting that I would only meet leaders from Lipa. But He was more than faithful. I met leaders from the whole region, and it’s more than blessing.

🙂 I pray that this fire won’t quench. In Jesus’ Name.



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