It’s 2:00 in the morning

…and it is the moment I stumble yet again on the same roadblock. It’s like you’re playing Super Mario and stumbled upon another 2-inch green pipe and suddenly, finding yourself being bumped by super alienated versions of some short cake (walking) and some turtles (which I guess were products of God’s extreme planning to largely emphasize that turtles can go on land like forever (or maybe they’re tortoises) ). Then losing. Minus a life. Minus a life. 

A life. A life out of that infinite life. A life being restored into infinity. The life God has given you and me, the life God has given us to showcase His great love for us. The eternal life He has promised to us. That even though we lose again, we are given an infinite set of chances to stand back up again and try to walk one more time. 

And with our stance, we are changed continuously. We are cleansed inside with the wellspring that Jesus has promised Himself to give. We are being cleansed. We are saved. We are being saved. 



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