Tomorrow, I officially start. 

Enough of the prep time, tomorrow I officially start. *smirks* To bring out the meat on a very big platter to you, I have just been appointed as the Big Brother of our publication. Yes, now I become an ‘entitled’ leader. But let’s not put it that way so scrap that. Forget that I have ever written that. Now I become an ‘entrusted’ leader. 

Although I was appointed two weeks ago, it is tomorrow that I start to bring out God’s provision in my life, God’s training, God’s mighty and awesome powers at work. How awesome is He for He prepares you to anything, anywhere, anytime. And He does it very well. Planned. And very strategic. Because, when God tells you that it’s time. It’s time. This is it. Welcome Academic Year 2014-2015. 

Tomorrow, I officially start. 

I remember after our Making Disciples 2.0, I stared blankly on something moving (a car, I guess, and yes I had very awesome eyes, God-given eyes), and told myself, this is it. This is the start. But my lips were referring to the actual training for everything that is going to happen. Wow, so stoked. 

I am so blessed to meet a person who I sense is very passionate about knowing God more and I’m stoked and overly blessed to be part of his walk with Christ. I am so blessed to be a classmate and a friend of one who, I sense, is seeking that of which Christ can fully offer. I am so blessed to have talked to someone who, at heart, knows that he is already saved under God’s grace and that his decision is based from God. And I am so blessed that I was able to meet my exact replica–the person who, I am so blessed to be walking with, trekked through his busy schedules but is really diligent in knowing life and perfecting its knowledge. 

I am so blessed to be part of a team. Stoked that God will use me to bless people of a different culture, race, nationality, decent. 

Above all, I am so blessed for God’s continuous pruning. I am so blessed that God is using different media to tell something to me. I am so blessed to have friends. To have a spiritual family. To have a family. To have podcasts and online preachings. To have all these things. And I am so blessed to have the word of God being used by God to minister to every hearts of those who continuously seek and who seek not. 

Blessed for pruning. 🙂 This is it. 

The mission has already commenced. Training continues. Actual commission starts tomorrow. No time for stagnant moments. 

This is it. 


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