Mr. Whoever

This is it. One faith goal answered *smirks*, and one commission. This time, I shall invest in a lot of things. 

Here I am again making promises of changes because I am of a new pedestal. I am footed on a higher stage. I am standing on a bigger responsibility. With a bigger responsibility. At a bigger responsibility. Inside a bigger responsibility. With a bigger responsibility. With this, I shall invest in things. 

Like HEALTH and PHYSICAL STRENGTH. Not that I have decided to be a gym junkie or something, but health has got something to do to maintaining a very good mood in my workplace. Especially that it entails a lot influence to how influential my leadership would be. To smile that big is to be assured inside that my senses are properly working. This, I shall be invested in. Food. Exercise. Say it all. Maybe, I could learn a sport before the year ends. *smirks*

Also BOOKS. Not just normal books. Myths. Epics. Literary books. Etc. Plus. Magazines. Journals. Newspapers. When I need ideas (especially that this is considered an art), I shall pull ideas from other resources. And it’s just better to have guides with you. 

Hm. I’m sleepy, I shall update this soon. But before this month ends, I shall see the doctor. Ha, planned for this since the beginning of the year. Huh, not really happening. 

Anyway, these are investments. These are efforts to sow what God has given me to sow. What God has provided for me. And it is my task to enrich them and cultivate them. Yes. I am Mr. Whoever. Welcome to the world of leadership. 


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