To be able to know God, you first have to experience Him. Corollary to that, you have to let Him make you feel Him. 

Like when we want to know light, we go out to the backyard to see light. Humans first touched fire to see if it’s really hot, and tasted ice just to know if it’s really cold. As a child you have driven your finger into the socket just to know there is electricity. People knew there existed the electricity because they received their first electric shocks from the electric fish. Likewise, we knew electricity was existing when we saw out hair get magically stuck on our chair. 

We read the whole book to know if the story’s just right. We watch the whole movie just to know if the protagonist’s really wise or something. We know Flappy Bird’s addicting but we played anyway just to experience the fun that others have experienced. We all gave them the chance. 

But have you ever given this “God” a chance? Or you just thought we were shouting His name just because we’re stupid and we are afraid to stand on our own? 

Me. I have experienced Him. A million times since my first breath. Every second. Every minute. And the very minute that He made fishes jump out the river just to make me remember that I should be someone. Just to make me smile. Just to make me feel loved. 

To know there is love, we must know it’s there. We must experience it. To know there is God, we must know He’s there. We must experience Him. And we must let Him make us experience Him. 🙂 


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