Random is the key

It’s past 12, and I am about to set off for the world beyond. Well, not quite. I’m still pressed by stress. This has become a habit for me now–forcing myself to be awake ’til an hour past midnight just to do nothing but log-out and log-in at different sites. 

But, we needed this. We often discover the majestic secrets of life when we do something random. Just as when you’re trying to solve a problem through some random computations, we try to randomize things to make life exciting. This, I guess, is a form of deviant behavior. You’re a star who decided to glow green. You’re ice who have chosen to ignite. When we do something random, oftentimes, it is perceived as defiant…wrong, for some people. Wait…for most people. 

But we needed this. It is where our creativity starts flashing in our minds and stops the hypnotic effects of the cyclical system we try to fit in. When we randomize things, we break free. When we randomize things, we become free. Now I’m wondering, is the concept of freedom a myth or not. Before I go random with my topics, let me first reiterate that true freedom comes from God. 

Remember that reaching God is like reaching the parallel universe–that only our souls can reach, and never our physical bodies. That’s why we when we try to connect to God, we use our souls…not our heads. When we choose redemption, we randomize things. It’s out of the Earth’s way of thinking that freedom is contained in the physical world–that if you can do anything, you are free.

Exactly. When you are contained in a limitless entity, you are free. Containing yourself inside the world of money, sex, drugs, etc. will not make you free. They are limited. They are economic resources (yes, sex is economical as it is now included in man’s primary needs, which is rather weird to me).  They are limited. Unlike God, whose limits are nonexistent, we become free. It’s like we have put ourselves in a never-ending ocean. We float. We swim. Yet, it does not end.

 Now my eyes are begging me to stop everything I’m doing. Besides the fact that I would use blood to answer five exams tomorrow (technically, it’s later), I’ve got work to do.  Make some random things happen. Break free. Break free. Don’t contain yourself. Break free. How to do it? Have some quiet time with Him, and He’ll give you the right dose of wisdom for you to identify those which constricts you. 

Randomize things. Be crazy. Let people say you are crazy. Crazy for God. 

God Bless. 🙂


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