Just a blurred canvas

I can’t help but stare at this blurred shot. It’s disappointing but surprisingly relaxing. It just reminds me of something: the storm.
We all go through a lot of storms. Hail storms. Sand storms. Or just a storm caused by your girl friend accusing you of cheating. Storms naturally occur and we can’t just cringe on our sofas and do nothing about it. We must face it–know the exact reality the storm is bringing us.
We must learn how to overcome it. We must learn how to go through it. Why? Because we lived. Because we existed for something. And if you are just gonna be devoured by your fears and your doubts, then you will be eaten alive. If you are confident about your purpose, live with it. Live it.
And one thing’s for sure: God is just behind our backs. God is with us. He will be our healer when we bleed. He will be our savior when we’re caught up by the wind. He will be with us along the way.
And if it is for Him that you live, then his promises are never fading. 🙂 Be sure to bring along the people you bump into as you thread through the storm–let them experience the never-ending joy that comes right after the storm.
In a blurred canvass, there is always the light. Just like this failed capture.


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