Technically, it’s my first post so let me introduce myself.

Think of a stray dog. Good. You have clearly imagined how I look like just now, so basically I’m one person who values the accumulation of dirt more than his hygiene. But there’s more things that matter than hygiene (at least for me):

  • there are those kids with droopy eyes, wishing every second for their hands to be filled and there tummies to be filled and their minds to be filled–their souls to be filled.
  • there are those girls who restlessly and tirelessly work they way out of sex abuse and human trafficking.
  • there are those laborers who receive less than what they work for.
  • there are those people wanting to know about the basics of ABC and the littlest details of a single shape.
  • there are those dreamers bounded by regrets and failures, already at the edge of the cliff, waiting to be pushed by the wind and be with the wind.
  • there are those people who just don’t care about everything I’m saying.

I care about those people. I care about humanity’s lost faith to humanity. I care about freedom, liberty and justice (though they can be too heavy to be lifted up for a conversation). I care about things that matter. I care.

‘Myself’ is not a term of significance, neither is ‘I’. Exams are not a thing of priority, neither is honor. And yup, I’m a student, living my 19th year towards a God-centered lifestyle though I’m struggling (badly). I’m going against a society already fortified by norms and standards. I’m going against the ordinary and the people who turn down my decisions for theirs to flourish. I’m going against people who don’t believe in me and and I go against them, hard.

Yet, I’m inspired by people who inspires and influences through a humane heart and ‘ego-less’ spirit. A person who lifts himself with his own spirit and the Holy Spirit. And I’m motivated by their motivations to go for their purpose. Purpose. I live by my purpose–the one which I have already taken a peek of.

Clearly, I do not belong in this community where everyone is but the same (though judging them merely by looks and attitudes will bring me to hell, figuratively). And yeah, I love thinking too much. I love imagining things. I love zombies. I love assassins. I love music and the likes of Caroline Glaser ♥. Filipino (if someone happens to pass by my blog and is not a Filipino). Do correct me if I have typed incorrectly and if my grammar’s faulty.

I’m not perfect you know? 😉


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